Task Force Founding Members

In 1999, Judge Steve David of the Circuit Court (Juvenile Division) hosted a luncheon at the Lebanon Holiday Inn. Those invited consisted of community activists, professionals, and interested parties from all walks of life who have been dedicated to valuing and improving the lives of our community’s youth.

This event became known as Judge David’s 1st Community In-Service and was the spring-board for an expansion in that project to coordinate an annual event dedicated to the purpose of furthering such efforts.

The Task Force members listed below were the founding members who collaborated, brain-stormed, searched and researched for presenters, wrote grants, and generally fine-tuned the process for continuing this effort. Our sincere thanks to those who paved the way for each future Community In-Service!

Judge Steve David
Phyliss Maryfield
Christine Whitsitt
Karen Galvin
Rhonda Allen
Jane Taylor
Kay Martin
Patty Gates
Deb Easterday
Molly Crain
Karen Hendrix
Jim McKee
Al Long